International composer, singer, pianist, and vocal coach for celebrities, professional artists, and younger children on the TV Series ‘Your Face Sounds Familiar’, ‘The Voice’, and ‘X Factor’, Peter Teodorescu has performed on tour and has his music compositions and arrangements performed worldwide. One of the most versatile and inspirational pianists, Teodorescu is also the director and founder of Theodore’s School of Music, creating a music education movement and pathway for inspired developing artists with a desire to launch their music career.

I work with professional and developing artists and musicians in both relaxed and high pressure production environments. I find their overlooked weaknesses and blockages that limit their career and development and customise their learning process to transform them in order to accelerate the results achieved in a compressed period of time.

I have worked with TV personalities, entertainers, and television production crews in high pressure production deadlines ensuring they are performance ready. I have had the honour of performing my own compositions around the world in Concert Halls, Palaces, Embassies, House of Parliaments, and Broadcasting Halls across the UK, USA, Europe, and Asia.

These celebrities I worked with on the TV shows are no different to your children singing around the home. They both have big dreams, aspirations, and must work hard. They also have self confidence challenges, sing the wrong notes, and must have a strong team around them to ensure they perform at their best, are seen in their best light when performing.


– Peter Teodorescu

Peter encourages parents of young children to make it a mission to invest time and research in seeking out the best music education, and to go beyond settling for inaccurate, and limited progress and moderate curriculum programs in order to achieve the highest quality standard of music skills and levels of confidence installed in your child.

He has an innate ability to hear every single note for every instrument in complex musical arrangements, has pitch perfect aptitude, and expansive experience in hearing and correcting a great multitude of voices and altering music accompaniment to ensure the artist is TV Production live performance standard ready.

This makes him an extremely valuable resource to install a strong foundation of music education and vocal skills into anyone who loves and wants to learn how to sing.


Beginning with launching Theodore’s School of Music in early 2018 after Peter moved to Australia, as months progressed Peter was consistently coming across a pattern with students of all ages who decided to move on from their current singing and music teacher and learn under his direction.

Many students who came to him from other teachers, private schools, or public schools who studied music were lacking in power when singing, were given songs to sing in an incorrect key for their voice, and were given inaccurate or incomplete instruction on how to perform vocal warmups in the lesson and when on their own. Students had developed bad habits of sliding through notes.

The most predominant issue with every single student is that they did not understand how to listen to themselves singing. They were weak on many notes without respecting them. This meant they were incredibly weak on the same untrained notes and these weaknesses were carried through into everything they tried to sing. This causes frustration and causes children and adults to unnecessarily give up and feel like they failed.

Parents of young children from the age of 3 and 5 began reaching out to Peter for weekly private sessions of piano and singing tuition. For this reason he created the ALTM Program (Accelerated Learning Through Music) specific for the younger brain and designed for preschool aged children.

Peter created the My First Music sessions to be a place where young children are inspired and confidently come together to learn critical singing and vocal strategies that are used with professional artists in a manner that has a greater effectiveness than the traditional moderate teaching programs for children.

Peter’s mission is to create a community of like minded parents who want the highest quality of education for their child, to fix the problems and bad habits in children (and adults) taught incorrectly, and to install the most effective way to sing. Everything your child will learn is transferrable to any song they will learn to sing, so it is critical to learn how to do everything correctly from the beginning to progress faster and protect their voice.

The best time to learn anything correctly is from the very beginning. Creating group sessions allows Peter to reach a greater number of children, and install correct habits on a wider scale, with the added benefit of the joy children feel when singing in a group environment.

As a parent you deserve to feel that after investing your resources in an extracurricular learning activity, your child is inspired, has more confidence, can self regulate themselves better so they can focus on academic tasks and sport, and are better equipped to handle anxiety given any life’s stressors.

Peter ‘Theodore’ Teodorescu was born in 1983 in Bucharest, Romania and is a composer, vocal coach, singer, pianist, and musician/artist mentor. He is the son of Romanian writer, TV personality, and journalist Cristian Teodorescu.

Graduated from the National University of Music Bucharest (formerly the Royal Academy of Music and Dramatic Art) with a Bachelor degree in Musical Composition (Classical) from the Faculty of Composition, Musicology and Musical Pedagogy.

Before moving to Australia, Peter was the musical adviser, vocal coach, and piano accompanist to the Romanian version of Your Face Sounds Familiar, which is a competition between the finalists of the X Factor, The Voice, Eurovision contestants, and known singers, actors, entertainers and dancers.

Highest ranked student at Music Theory in the 2000 National Contest Constantin Constantinescu, Bacau, Romania. He also received a scholarship from her Royal Highness Princess Margarete of Romania (2003) in order to promote and tour his original composition works nationally

As a member of SACEM (France), the Society of Authors, Composers and Publishers of Music, and UCMR-ADA (Romania), he receives royalties for his musical compositions that are played Internationally on radio stations, TV, YouTube, and on stage.

Peter’s international success in composition is credited to his university teacher for composition – Octavian Nemescu who received the Aaron Copland Prize (USA), six prizes from the Romanian Composers Union, prizes from the Concours International de Musique Électroacoustique de Bourges, the Prize of the Romanian Academy of Arts and Sciences, and the Prize of the International Confederation for Electroacoustic Music (ICEM).

As an international composer he wrote in styles encompassing classical, modal, classical avant-garde, and pop music. The works he composed were performed internationally including music festivals, broadcast radio stations, television, and theatre. He collaborated as a member of the Hyperion Ensemble while on tour with Tim Hodgkinson and Chris Cutler.

As an occasional falsetto singer he collaborated with the most famous instrumentists from Romania such as Ionica MinuneDamian Draghici, and Leonard Iordache.

While studying in parallel at the National University of Music Bucharest, Peter commenced experimental music, phenomenology, spectral music and esthetics under the close mentorship of Iancu Dumitrescu and Ana-Maria AvramHoratiu Radulescu, and Costin Cazaban. Their joint accomplishments, photos, discography and press cuttings are published in the book The Music of Iancu Dumitrescu.

He is an active musical director, composer, and arranger for film and theatre, with his most recent project as music director working alongside Aarne Neeme, director of the drama series such as Blue HeelersAll SaintsMDAHome and AwayNeighbours, and Out of the Blue.

Peter is a music publisher and partner with the world leader in digital sheet music,, who have over 6.5 million customers globally, and have had over 40 million sheet music downloads to date.

Peter is an ADHD Certified Educator (ADHD-CE) and has a Certificate in Autism Through the Spectrum. He provides the benefits of receiving advanced training and experience to children and adults diagnosed with ADHD and/or ASD.