Questions & Answers

Memberships are either 1 class per week, or unlimited classes a week. Unlimited classes means you can bring your child to any number of classes on any day in the timetable each week.

1 class per week means that you can attend any 1 class per week  in the timetable per week.

By the age of 3 (and sometimes even earlier) a child generally has the following skills to enable them to start group and/or one-on-one sessions:

  • A child can start to control their voice
  • Take directions/instruction
  • Model an adult
  • Remember skills they have learnt
  • Remember songs and melodies
  • Answer simple questions
  • Start to understand the concept of counting (some children may already be counting)
  • Identify common symbols, images, and pictures
  • Have reasonable finger control
  • Draw circles
  • Have creativity to explore instruments and enjoy creating sound
  • Helps to know the difference between the right and left hand
  • Can count to 10
  • Knows the letters A, B, C, D, E, F, and G of the alphabet (uppercase)

Yes we offer 1 month classes for your child to try out. It takes 4-5 sessions before your child knows whether this is something they would like to do. Simply let us know before the end of the month if you would not like to continue classes. You will find that after a few sessions, your child will feel comfortable with the group and look forward to them!

Classes are paid via our secure payment provider Ezidebit on the day you register. 1 month of classes are paid for in advance each month regardless of whether you are on a 1 Month or 3 Month Membeship. Payment options are Credit Card or Direct Debit.

Pausing classes: Contact us to pause your classes.

Cancelling classes: If you are on a 1 Month booking, contact us before your month ends to not renew your membership. If you are on a 3 Month booking, contact us before your 3 month booking ends to not renew the next month.

1 Month: Classes are booking 1 month at a time, paid monthly.

3 Months: Classes are booked initially for 3 months at a time, paid monthly. After the 3 month period, classes are booked monthly and paid monthly.

Get in touch with us to change your membership for you.

Class sizes are limited by the NSW Government COVID Restrictions and changes.

Classes are between 12 to 30 students per class, with a maximum capped at 50 students per class.

We are a registered COVID Safe business with health, safety, and record keeping strictly in place.

Class sizes are limited by the NSW Government COVID Restrictions and changes and will have a maximum limit based on the rules that apply.

Classes will be paused if we decide it is in the best interest of everyone’s health if the COVID situation develops.

Peter would love to teach additional group classes for older children, teens, and adults, however his schedule is near capacity.

The priority is to teach younger children to set up the correct benchmark and musical programming for their brains and habits early in their lives so they can benefit in all areas.

One-on-One sessions are organised after you register your child for one of the Ultimate or Level Up Memberships. We will contact you within 24 hours to organise what monthly or weekly time works.


Get in contact with us to cancel your group class membership, and we will transfer you over to weekly one-on-one sessions.

Details can be found here.